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Sail Nonwoven Machine Co.,Ltd

New products
Nonwoven Production Line
Needle Punching Production Line
Needle punching production line
Nonwoven carpet production line
Thermal-bonding Production Line
Waste Fiber Opening Line
Nonwoven Machine
Opener Machine
Bale Opener
Main opener
Waste web edge opener
Fiber Blending and Storage Machine
Big Carbin Blending Machine
Fiber Mixing Machine
Fiber storage box
Nonwoven Hopper Feeder Machine
Vibrating Hopper Feeder
Air-pressure feeder
Carding machine
Web formation
Air-Laid machine
Cross lapper
Nonwoven Drafting Machine
CBF Feeding Machine
Needle Punching
Single Layer Oven
Spray-bonding Oven
Slitting and Winding Machine
Calendering & Ironing Machine
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Main features of needle punching machine